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We do one thing. Linkedin. Sure, we appreciate paid advertising, email marketing, and SEO. But our specialty is relationship focused organic B2B lead generation. Period.

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Data Driven

How can you manage what you don’t measure? Making data driven decisions through KPI monitoring, analysis, and reporting is one of our greatest passions.


Linkedin is full of opportunities for businesses of all types. At Zeeko® our specialty is working with B2B companies who sell high ticket services and products.


During outreach your reputation is on the line. What’s more important than that? Our high quality approach to lead generation maintains professional etiquette.


The most effective B2B sales teams understand that a B2B sale starts with a person-to-person relationship. Trust is earned, not an entitlement.


That’s right. We love what we do and that means we have fun (professionally speaking). It’s a core value – and it’s contagious so watch out.

Why Are You Here


Master Linkedin

Learn how to use Linkedin for B2B sales and business development. In this 9 hour course we’ll teach you our proven methods that have taken years to refine.


Work Together

Do you want to spend your time closing leads instead of getting them? Perfect. Partner with the Linkedin experts at Zeeko® to keep your sales pipeline full of warm leads.

Not Sure

Help Me Decide

Do you want to use Linkedin to get leads but aren’t sure if you should hire an agency or learn how to do it yourself? Answer six questions and we’ll tell you.


Stop sucking at Linkedin

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