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Getting B2B Leads Is Hard

B2B leads are too expensive

Too Expensive

High cost per lead will eat your profit for breakfast. Stop paying per click and for people to scroll past your ads. Linkedin is cheap and lets you have direct conversations with decision makers.


Can’t Target

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google – none of them let you target individuals based on what they do for work. That’s what we call a showstopper. And it’s exactly why we use Linkedin.

Never Qualified

Buying a list, replying to contact forms, cold calls – those are rarely qualified leads. Stop selling to the wrong people at the wrong time. Use Linkedin to have your leads tell you their needs.

How do you want to fix it?

Teach Me

Master Linkedin

Learn how to use Linkedin for B2B sales and business development. In this 11 hour course we’ll teach you our proven methods that have taken years to refine.

Do It For Me

Hand Me Leads

Do you want to spend your time closing leads instead of getting them? Perfect. Partner with the Linkedin experts at Zeeko® to keep your sales pipeline full of warm leads.

Not Sure

Help Me Decide

Do you want to use Linkedin to get leads but aren’t sure if you should hire an agency or learn how to do it yourself? Answer six questions and we’ll tell you.


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