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Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Direct Connections

Direct Connections

At Zeeko we use Linkedin to connect you directly with a decision maker. That means you skip the gatekeeper secretary.

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Productive Conversations

You get to choose your outreach audience which means having control over who you talk to. Those are conversations worth having.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Full Pipelines

Full Pipelines

Keep your sales pipeline full of people who know, like and trust you. Those are the best leads.

Linkedin Experts Who Get and Vet Leads

Zeeko is Designed For Your

Sales Team


Sales Funnel


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Who We  Work With


If your company offers business to business products or services you’re in the right place.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Best For B2B Companies

High CLV

You’ll need to have an average Client Lifetime Value (CLV) of at least $8,000.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - High Client Lifetime Value


We only work with companies that are +5 years old to ensure a mature sales process.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Established Businesses

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