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Direct Connections

Use Linkedin to find your ideal clients and start one-on-one business relationships with thousands of them. You get connected directly with a decision maker and skip the gatekeeper secretary.

CRM Integration

New leads are integrated with all major CRM’s. You get a lead generation solution that fits right into your existing sales funnel, no matter what channels you use.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Full Pipelines

Full Pipelines

Linkedin is personal, relational, and professional. Doing it right means you get a sales pipeline full of people who know, like and trust you. Spend your time closing leads, not getting them.

Linkedin Lead Generation

Linkedin Experts Who Get and Vet Leads

How It Works

Our Linkedin experts will do market research, segment your leads, optimize your profile and create a custom outreach solution crafted just for you. It’s a serious time investment that builds relationship equity.

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