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How much is Linkedin Premium and is it worth it?

How much is Linkedin Premium and is it worth it?

Linkedin Premium is about $60 a month ($50 when billed annually). Sales Navigator, which we’ll also discuss, is $80/month ($60 annual).

Is Premium Worth It?

That depends on what you’re using Linkedin for and how frequently. Spoiler alert – Linkedin Premium is not worth the price if your goal is to create relationship driven B2B sales on a regular basis. More on that later.

How The Features Stack Up

At a glance, here are the most valuable features on Free, Premium, and Sales Navigator:

Zeeko - Linkedin plan comparisons

Summary: Premium Is Underwhelming

Sorry Linkedin, the price jump from free to Premium is significant and the value minimal. Especially when compared with what I get in Sales Navigator for $20 more. Unlimited search is great, but without the ability to narrow down things like current job title or specific regions I’ll never get a good list. And without tagging, how am I going to keep my connections organized? And should I just save leads in a spreadsheet? Premium isn’t my jam.

It’s By Design

Surprise! Linkedin is a for profit company. Need I say more? Here’s what happens. Active Linkedin users hit limitations on free accounts and end up wanting  to overcome limited monthly searches, and maybe get InMails. People do the upgrade to Premium and enjoy unlimited search, InMail, and a few other gimmicks but realize that’s about where the value stops. Then Buyers Remorse creeps in. It wasn’t worth the upgrade to Premium. Then they do a free month trial for Sale Navigator. Anyone using Linkedin for B2B sales who experiences the difference between Sales Navigator and Premium will tell you upgrading is a no brainer. Especially for $20.

Advanced Search tends to be the main reason people upgrade to Sales Navigator, here’s a sneak peak:

Is Linkedin Premium Worth it - screenshot of sales navigator - linkedin experts

When Is Premium Worth It?

When you’re looking for a lot of people on a regular basis (need unlimited search), want to talk to them (may use InMail), and are not concerned about wasting time manually vetting search results and organizing your connections.

Serious Users Skip To Sales Navigator

If you’re using Premium, add up how much time you will spend reading through irrelevant profiles (that you could have just excluded in advanced search) and keeping your connections organized (since you don’t have tags). Is your time saved worth $20 a month? Probably yes. At Zeeko we won’t work with anyone unless they have a Sales Navigator account.