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How to do a Company CSV Import in Linkedin

How to do a Company CSV Import in Linkedin

Linkedin now lets you import a list of companies (they use the language ‘Accounts’) by uploading a CSV inside Sales Navigator team edition. Let’s do a walkthrough on when to use this feature and how it works.

Linkedin Import CSV of Accounts

Why import companies as a CSV?

Really it all comes down to one thing – saving you time creating account lists. There are two primary use cases where this will benefit sales teams the most.

1.) Creating a prospecting list when the data originated outside Linkedin.

2.) Saving existing clients to a ‘Do Not Contact’ list.


How to do a company CSV import in Linkedin

Navigate to your Account Lists > + Create account list > Upload accounts from a CSV

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV2


There are 4 stages to importing uploading your csv to Linkedin:

1.) Requirements overview
2.) Upload file
3.) Map columns
4.) Name list

Step 1 – Requirements Overview

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - Requirements

The file requirements are straightforward:

– Needs to be a CSV
– Max 10MB in size
– Max 1000 line items (same as account list max size)
– Account (company) name

Optionally you can include:

– Column Headers for easier mapping
– LinkedIn Company ID (numerical ID of the page)
– LinkedIn Company URL
– Website URL (of the company)
– Country
– City
– Street
– Stock Symbol

Step 2 – Select and Upload CSV

Select your CSV and upload. Below is a screenshot of the one we used for this example:

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - import demo

Step 3 – Map fields

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - mapping columns

You’ll see a list of fields Linkedin allows you to match alongside a dropdown section where you choose to associate the corresponding fields in the CSV you imported.

Step 4 – Name your list

In this example we imported existing clients to easily exclude them from prospecting. Therefore, we’ll name the list ‘CLIENT LIST – DO NOT CONTACT.’

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - naming your list


After mapping your fields and choosing ‘Finish’ Linkedin will find the companies for you. You’ll see a ‘% complete‘ next to the list name you just created.

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - wait for Linkedin to find the companies


Once complete, review the companies in your newly created list for errors.

Linkedin Import Accounts As CSV - reviewing the imported accounts


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