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Humpday Hangouts – Company Pages & Messaging

Humpday Hangouts – Company Pages & Messaging

How should you use a Linkedin Company Page? What are Linkedin Showcase pages for? What should your expectations be when creating a messaging map for a new audience you’re selling to?

Those were the main topics of discussion in today’s Linkedin Humpday Hangout.

✔️Isaac Anderson shares on defining your goals for Linkedin company pages, what those most common goals are, and some practical tips to accomplish them.

✔️Jesse Gernigin gives some great points on interviewing your target market to create effective copy.

✔️Dave Woods brings up a great question – when does it makes sense to do paid advertising on a Linkedin company page versus using your personal account.

✔️Ger van der Meijden offers insight from what he’s seen internationally with Linkedin company pages.

✔️Oob Nding shares his experience revising messaging copy as he gets feedback in realtime from his target audience.

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