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Linkedin Automation Temptation Chart

Linkedin Automation Temptation Chart

Let’s shed some light on the correlation between the cost of your service/product and the temptation to use automation on Linkedin. And of course, why you just shouldn’t. 

Here’s the chart:

Likelihood of automation on Linkedin


Cost = Trust = Quality

Expensive services/products are a riskier purchase than cheap ones. That means more trust is required for that sale to happen, which forces higher quality engagement on Linkedin to make that sale. As you lower the cost of what you sell, it tends to lower the perceived risk for buyers along with the need for trust.

The Slippery Slope

Here’s what happens: With smaller returns per sale, less trust required to make that sale, and high sales volume required for a good ROI…the temptation to automate on Linkedin tends to increase as your sale price decreases. Yikes.


If you sell something cheap, Linkedin might not be the best place for social selling. It’ll cost you too much time. And automation won’t make up for your time inefficiency (for a number of reasons). In the long term, the subpar quality of automation creates wholesale cynicism on Linkedin, which actually drives up the need for quality engagement, rendering crappy automated messaging even more impotent than it already is. Badaboom.

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