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A Peak Inside Linked Jumpstart

Linkedin Journey Map

See what Linkedin lead generation looks like from start to finish. Get a birds eye view using a Linkedin journey map as a guide for you to create an action plan.

Campaign Time-lapse

See what an organic Linkedin campaign looks like starting with market research and ending with a conversion to sales funnel. All in just 15 minutes.

Two Lead Generation Strategies

Learn two different lead generation strategies, why both work, and which one will give you a better return for your time.

Market Research

Learn how to use advanced search to perform real time market research for decisions about product launch locations, physical property purchases, dividing sales territories, and so much more.

Profile Optimization Strategies

Cut through the fluff and learn about what really matters when optimizing your Linkedin profile. Discover how your lead generation strategy dramatically affects your profile content.

Linkedin Etiquette

How to get higher engagement and conversion rates by learning the unspoken rules of engagement that vary from person to person. Discover how Linkedin could steal the title for “the happiest place on earth” if everyone followed these six guiding values.

Three People To Connect With

Learn about the three types of people to connect with on Linkedin and how each can be a profitable asset for your business. I’ll tell you the ONE type of connection that gets overlooked and why you shouldn’t.

Client Evaluation

Avoid one of THE most common reasons people fail at using Linkedin for lead generation. Get inside the mind of your clients to prepare for relevant market research, profile optimization, and conversation sequencing.

The QuAD Method

Discover how not understanding a sales cycle makes people suck at relationship based sales. Stop the guess work and have your clients TELL YOU if they’re a good lead or not and where they’re at in the sales cycle by using the QuAD Method.

You Need A Sales Funnel

See how a weak sales funnel can make even a Linkedin master fail at closing hot leads. Learn the difference between cost per lead on Linkedin and your company’s total cost per acquisition.

Free Versus Paid Accounts

See the most powerful features that Linkedin offers, why they’re valuable, and what you get when you pay to play.  Learn if you can use a free Linkedin account or if it makes sense for you to pay for one.

Four Most Important Account Settings

Make your efforts go farther by making sure your account settings are in order. Stop the email notification onslaught with one single swoop.

Finding Your Linkedin Money Clients

Get the most out of Linkedin by discovering who your MONEY CLIENTS are. Evaluate where your time will be spent prospecting on Linkedin using a simple 2×2 and how to slide your outreach list into the money quadrant by getting creative.

Advanced Search With Boolean

Learn what boolean is, what it does in search, and how to use it to give you better search results. I’ll give you real time examples of using boolean in search to get a good list.


Learn how to protect yourself from Frenemies…and how to play the game if you dare.

Message Scripting

Overcome the wall that everyone hits when doing Linkedin lead generation. [SPOILER ALERT] I’m not going to give you copy/paste scripts to use…because they won’t work. Learn about the four stages of Linkedin messaging and best practices for each.

Mapping Your Conversation Sequence

Discover how mapping out your messages will save you time typing and KILL the time sucking effort it takes to think about how to keep a conversation moving forward.  Keep people from falling through the cracks by having something ready to say to everyone.

Custom Connection Requests

Skyrocket your connection acceptance rates with custom messages. Learn how to remove wrong assumptions your prospects have about why you want to connect. How to quickly build trust and get your foot in the door with decision makers by using the CVC Method.

CRM Integration

Discover why Linkedin falls short of being an acceptable CRM and the one way you can get around their closed fence system. Learn how to build a bridge between your Linkedin connections and your CRM with minimal time commitment.


The Sales Navigator feature that EVERY user should take advantage of, but no one does. [Hold on to your seat] Learn why tagging is a prerequisite to measuring your KPI’s. See different tagging strategies for unique goals.

Managing Connections

When should remove a connection? When should you block someone? Learn when the time is right, what happens when you do, and how it affects your Linkedin campaigns.

Turning Notifications Into Leads

Discover how you can take passive information about your network and turn connections into leads. The FOUR categories of Linkedin notifications that you can take action on, and how to do it. Adjusting your notification settings so you don’t miss anything important.

Staying Top Of Mind

Learn how most people WASTE 95% of their network and why you don’t have to. SEVEN easy (and relational) ways you can stay top of mind with your connections to gain their trust for an easy close.


Automation is here to stay even if it’s against TOS. We’ll talk about the types of automation tools, the actions you can automate, compare the risks with the benefits, and hear what Linkedin has to say about the subject.

Linkedin KPI’s

Learn which Key Performance Indicators you should be tracking, how to do it, and the numbers you should aim for. You won’t find this on Linkedin.

Creating Reports

Use our reporting template to create high quality reports on KPI’s that actually matter. Catch negative trends before they become a problem as you compare performance month by month.

Campaign Optimization

Learn how to use KPI reporting to make data driven campaign optimization decisions. Discover how to spot and correct weaknesses in your outreach and what list decay is.

And Much More…

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