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Linkedin Funnels (Hangout part 1)

Linkedin Funnels (Hangout part 1)

There you are. Looking at the faces of real people you want to sell to (profile pics).

But there’s a problem.

They don’t know you….You don’t know them.

How do you get from Point A (stranger danger) to Point B (trusted enough to be given literal money)????

You need an action plan with processes (okay, a funnel)

Without one you’ll either:

a.) Do nothing
b.) Do the wrong thing

We deal with funnels all day. Some are more complex than others.

Let’s do this

I’ll share some things we do for our funnels. You can chime in too because there’s always more to learn. Scared about giving away your secret sauce? I get it. Just remember the global economy is…huge.

Here are a few categories I have in mind:

  • Pre-connect engagement
  • Connecting
  • Email
  • Messaging
  • Post connect activity
  • Staying top of mind
  • Retargeting/Custom audiences
  • Multi-social platform engagement

We also briefly dove into Linkedin’s announcement that they’ll be using Dwell Time in their newsfeed algorithm.

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