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Linkedin Services (Profinder’s new look) – Humpday Hangout

Linkedin Services (Profinder’s new look) – Humpday Hangout

Linkedin has been alluding to an overhaul of their ProFinder platform for some time now.

Here’s the series of events we’ve seen unfold starting last Fall (2020 to Spring of 2021).

  1. Rolled out ‘Open for Business’ enabling you to add services to your profile
  2. Added ‘Service Provider’ to search
  3. Stopped accepting new ProFinder applications
  4. Subtly announced in their new Product Page documentation ‘We will be launching a Services Marketplace in the near future where service providers can add and promote their services through our platform.’
  5. ProFinder now redirects to Services


Linkedin Profinder is now Linkedin Services

We’re now seeing Profinder redirect (mostly) to Linkedin Services. In today’s hangout we’ll talk about adding services to your profile, service provider search, and how the new Linkedin Services platform differs from Profinder.

To preview, here’s the new layout for Lead Generation service providers. It’s similar to ProFinder, and definitely not finished. One big change is the ability to look for service providers on your own before submitting a quote request.


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