Linkedin™ Lead Generation

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Targeted Outreach

Targeted Outreach

We use Linkedin™ find thousands of potential leads then start relationships with them for you.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - CRM Integration

CRM Integration

New leads are integrated with all major CRMs giving you an unprecedented sales asset for multichannel marketing campaigns.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Vetted Leads

Vetted Leads

This isn’t automation. It’s personal and relational. Once a lead gets serious we hand you the conversation for the close.

Linkedin Lead Generation

How It Works

We use Linkedin™ to do market research, segment your leads, optimize your profile and perform custom outreach. Once you’re connected with a potential lead we use a series of personalized interactions to vet warm leads and stay top of mind. When a lead gets warm we hand you the conversation.

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Market Research

Lead Segmenting

Custom Outreach

Vetted Leads

Is Your Business A Good Fit?

We’re Selective Because We Care


Lead generation on Linkedin™ is most profitable for B2B companies.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Best For B2B Companies

High CLV

You’ll need to have an average Client Lifetime Value (CLV) of at least $8,000.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - High Client Lifetime Value


We only work with companies that are +5 years old to ensure a mature sales process.

Zeeko - Linkedin Experts - Established Businesses
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