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New Feature: Linkedin ‘Message Request Inbox’

New Feature: Linkedin ‘Message Request Inbox’

Today we discovered a new messaging feature Linkedin is rolling out called ‘Message Request Inbox.’ 

We haven’t found any documentation on it so far. Linkedin likely added this feature within the past week and will eventually start propagating messages into this new inbox when they’re ready.

What we know so far

The Message Request Inbox is for messages sent from 2nd and 3rd degree connections. This may be a new way to organize InMail. Or, it may be for when a message is sent along with a connection request.

How to view your ‘Message Request Inbox’

Go to Linkedin Messaging and click the ellipsis near the top of the inbox. Previously Group Conversation was the only option available. Now you’ll also see the menu item ‘Message Request Inbox.’

Linkedin Message Request Inbox


Once you click ‘Message Request Inbox’ you leave your normal inbox and are taken to a totally separate set of messages. Right now we’re only seeing this as empty. No InMail or Connection Requests that include custom messages are visible here yet. Below, you’ll see a description reading ‘Message requests are from people you’re not connected with and require your approval.’  (this language makes us assume it’s a reorganization of where InMails are accessed).

Linkedin Message Request Inbox List of Messages


How to view your ‘Declined Message Requests’

While in the Message Request Inbox, if you click the ellipsis menu again there’s another menu option titled ‘Declined Message Requests.

Linkedin Message Request - Declined Message Requests


This is separate from the Message Request Inbox with a description reading ‘These message requests have been declined.’

Linkedin Declined Message Request List


Check back for updates

At first glance it seems like Linkedin is making a change to the UI/UX of InMail. This makes sense. Right now InMails get buried along with other messages in the inbox and the ‘Inbox Filter > InMail’ option is cumbersome at best. Since InMail is a paid product, why not give it more visibility so more people pay or it? We’ll update this page as we learn more.



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