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Spend Time Closing Leads

Not Getting Them

Here’s How

Hand Picked Leads

Connect directly with decision makers and skip the gatekeeper secretary. We use Linkedin to find your best clients and start one-on-one conversations with thousands of them.

Relational Selling

B2B sales start with P2P (person-to-person) relationships. It’s all who you know. Our process creates professional, authentic, and long term business relationships with your clients.

Qualified Conversations

Spend your time closing leads instead of getting them. Linkedin will keep your sales pipeline full of warm leads who already know, like, and trust you. And we do CRM integration.

Data Driven Results

KPI Monitoring

Having access to good data is critical if you want a high ROI on Linkedin. We measure the Key Performance Indicators of each organic outreach campaign.


Our proprietary method of monitoring KPI’s allows us to generate data driven reports. We geek out over analytics, because it helps us do a better job.


Improvement never stops. By monitoring campaign KPI’s we’re able to identify underperforming areas of outreach and create actionable plans to improve them.


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