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Should I Prune (or Trim) my Linkedin network?

Should I Prune (or Trim) my Linkedin network?

There may come a time when you consider removing connections to “prune” your network. This practice is also called “trimming” or “cleaning” your network.

What is “pruning your network?”

Simply put – removing 1st degree connections for any number of reasons. We’ll discuss those reasons more in a moment. To remove a connection you’ll view their profile, click the “more” dropdown beneath the banner image on the right, and click “remove connection.”

pruning a linkedin network is removing connections

Is pruning your network a good idea?

Usually the answer is no – but there are some exceptions. Here’s why: in order to send a connection request to a Linkedin member they need to be at least a 3rd degree connection. If they’re more than a 3rd degree connection that person is “out of network” and you will not be able to send them a connection request. Removing connections will shrink the audience size you can connect with. You’ll also lose any recommendations, skill endorsements, and news feed exposure that connection was giving you.

should you prune your Linkedin network - a visual on what happens when you remove connetions

When is pruning your network a good idea?

Let’s use the phrase “removing connections” because it’s more much descriptive of what’s going on. You may want to consider removing connections if you’re approaching  35,000 connections (once you reach that amount you can no longer send connection requests). Removing spammers from your network is always a great idea (unless that person enables you to access a large number of people – then it may be worth the hassle). That’s about it.

A better method than removing connections

If you feel like your network isn’t very focused I wouldn’t remove those connections. Instead, focus on building the right network moving forward. Besides, their job will likely change in the future along with their ability to bring you value. If your goal is to clean up your news feed (which is usually the catalyst for people wanting to “prune their network”) unfollowing is a better alternative.  You’ll stop seeing their content in the news feed but remain a connection.

“Unfollow” is located just above “remove connection.” It helps clean up your news feed

Unfollowing instead of removing connections to prune your Linkedin network

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