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Using Linkedin Profile Bridges To Avoid Audience Rental

Using Linkedin Profile Bridges To Avoid Audience Rental

If Linkedin made a change tomorrow that killed your content engagement would your business be in trouble? Or what if they removed all notifications related to messaging? Would your bottom line be affected?

For most companies that use Linkedin for sales and marketing the answer to both those questions is yes. And that, is a big liability.

Linkedin Profile Bridges

Facebook, Twitter, Insta – If your original conversation with someone is on one of those platforms there’s no easy bridge to start communicating with that person outside that platform. That’s intentional – no one wants you leaving their app.

But, Linkedin is unique. Once connected you’ll see your connection’s email, phone number, twitter, and more. We call these Profile Bridges because they’re essentially a bridge that lets you take a conversation out Linkedin and into another communication medium.

Dangers of audience rental on Linkedin


Once you realize the dangers of audience rental and see how critical profile bridges are the next thing you’ll ask yourself is “how do I engage with that person on Linkedin AND start engaging with them on another platform (email, phone, etc).

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