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Game Changer – Linkedin Voice Messages

Game Changer – Linkedin Voice Messages

When you read text you do it with a specific tone in mind. You’re doing it right now. My voice is manly, kind, and fun. Could you tell by reading this text? Of course not. You made a necessary assumption. The same thing happens when your connections read your messages. They get read with preconceived ideas of what you sound like (for better or worse).

This is a game changer

1. Spammers won’t use it (HURRAY!)
2. Encourages meaningful conversations
3. Catalyst for trust
4. Invokes a reply from the receiver

We’ll talk about best practices in a moment. First you need to know:

Where to find Linkedin Voice Messaging

Most people don’t know you can send an AUDIO MESSAGE through the Linkedin mobile app. The confusion happens because the record icon looks identical to your phone’s “talk to text” icon. (come’on Linkedin…)


linkedin voice messaging

How to record

1. Go to messaging on your mobile app and select a first degree connection. Tap the microphone icon (not talk to text). Tap and hold on the microphone in the circle to record your voice message and release your finger to send. There’s a 60 second time limit. If it’s your first time you may need to allow the app access to your mic.

2. If you want to cancel before sending, slide your finger away from the microphone icon while holding it down.

linkedin voice messages


Audio messages have a down side

You can’t read them, which can be inconvenient. When you’re scrolling through message history you’ll have to pause and listen to remember what was said. If you’re in an environment where you can’t turn your volume up it’ll have to wait. So use sparingly, not exclusively.

Best practices

  • Use voice messages to invest in relationship equity, but don’t waste people’s time.
  • Keep the important details text messages for easy reference later on.
  • Make sure your voice has good cadence – monotone messages are…boring.
  • This is Linkedin – keep it professional.
  • Review message history, profile, and recent activity to send a relevant message.
  • Rehearse what you’re going to say if necessary (even the pro’s do it).
  • Be mindful of background noises (especially when driving).
  • End your message with a question or CTA to elicit a reply.

Go ahead, come on over to Linkedin and send me a voice message (here’s my profile)

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