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What does “Found you via Other” mean on Linkedin?

What does “Found you via Other” mean on Linkedin?

“Found you via other” is what Linkedin calls every profile view that IS NOT included in the main “found you via” statements. Those statements are:

  • Homepage
  • Messaging
  • My Network
  • Company Page
  • Search
  • Linkedin Profile


What it looks like

Linkedin - what does found you via other mean on Linkedin
You’ll see this message in the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” section of Linkedin.

What “other” usually means

  • Someone clicked your profile link in an email signature, website, or social profile.
  • Someone did a Google search for you, saw your profile in the search results, and clicked your profile link.


What action should you take?

That depends on who viewed your profile. If you’re connected with that person send them a message. If you’re not but there’s potential value in knowing them send them a connection request. Tell them you saw they viewed your profile and ask them what’s up.

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