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Why Do People Ask Me To Reply “Interested” In Their InMail?

Why Do People Ask Me To Reply “Interested” In Their InMail?

When someone sends you an InMail on Linkedin they’ll often ask you directly to “please reply” or reply “Interested.” Why do they do that? There are two reasons.

1. To Continue The Conversation

Assuming you’re someone the sender genuinely wants to speak with, the first reason why they’d ask you to engage with the InMail is so they can continue messaging you. If you don’t reply to the InMail or you click the suggested  reply “Not Interested” they cannot continue the conversation. Asking for a reply or ending an InMail with a question elicits a response.

2. Get An InMail Credit Refunded

Here’s the bigger reason. If the recipient of an InMail replies by typing text or selects “Interested” from the pre-populated option, the sender receives their InMail credit back. Since Linkedin only gives you a limited quantity of InMail each month this essentially lets you send many more inMail than your allotted amount. This is by design, because Linkedin wants to reward good players.

If You Receive A Spammy InMail

Don’t reply to it. That includes clicking “not interested.” Clicking “not interested” is considered a response to the InMail, which means you gave the spammer their InMail credit back, which will then be used on someone else.

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